“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.”


- Benjamin Franklin

The power of compounding is what makes real, long-term growth of an investment possible.


As this graph shows, higher returns have a great impact on long-term investments.


The longer you put the power of compounding to work, the better it works.

  • The average savings account at a bank in the US loses value every year, due to inflation.

  • The average conservative investment fund returns approximately 2% annually, after inflation.

  • The average US stock market fund returns approximately 7% annually, after inflation.

  • The average long-term results of our innovative strategies show consistent annual returns greater than 20%.

Are you willing to settle for your money sitting stagnant, or for it to lose value to inflation as the years pass by?

With thoughtful planning and consistent strategies, you can avoid the frustration of low, long-term growth.

Put the power of compounding to work for your money, your goals, and your future, today.


At Green River Wealth MGMT llc, we have a simple process to focus on how to best serve you and your unique goals.

This process has three simple steps:

We don't just care about the very best financial strategies.

We care about YOUR success.

Time stops for no one.

With a good plan and the power of compounding, time is on your side.

We're here to help you avoid the costly downfalls of inadequate planning to secure your financial future today.