Frequently Asked Questions

How do I actually pay for your services?

Financial planning fees are paid by check or credit card, and money management fees are directly deducted from the accounts under management.

With financial planning services and money management, we are only paid directly by the client. This means we don’t receive extra compensation from investment product companies, and there is no incentive to recommend one investment product over another for our benefit.

If and when insurance products are truly in the best interest of a client, we can help implement them, and for this we are paid by the insurance company after a product is put in place.

Financial planning and money management fees are completely separate from commissions paid for providing insurance.

How much do your services cost?

Initial consultations are offered at no charge, with no obligation to you.

Beyond initial consultations, the cost of our services vary depending on your needs and preferences.

Every client is different, with issues of varying complexity, so there is no one-price-fits all answer to how much our services cost.

We have a fee-based pricing model. This means we are paid hourly fees for financial planning issues, a flat annual percentage fee for the money we manage, and commissions for insurance products we help implement. We waive planning fees for clients whose money we manage.

This model helps ensure flexibility to meet your preferences and needs, and helps ensure your investments we manage do well - the better your investments perform, the better our firm does; the inverse is true for poor performance. It’s in everyone’s best interest to grow your money with your goals and needs as the focal point.

Our annual asset management fees vary based on the amount of work required to manage your money, as well as for the amount of money managed. This fee decreases for investments requiring less work, and also decreases as the dollar amount of assets under management increases.

When it is most suitable, we offer insurance products as needed, since risk management is a key piece of financial planning. We work with a national insurance broker to find the best solution for your needs, from a wide variety of carriers. With these, we are paid varying commissions by the company providing coverage.

To simplify, JRC is a fiduciary firm, meaning we put your needs and best interests above ours. Our pricing practices are standard to the financial services industry, and we offer competitive rates for our services.

Contact us today to find out how much value we can add while helping you achieve your goals.

What is a fiduciary?

In short, our firm is! Really though, a fiduciary is a person or legal entity, such as a bank or brokerage firm, that has the power and responsibility of acting for another in situations requiring total trust, good faith, and honesty.

A Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), is legally obliged to act in a fiduciary capacity, in your best interest, and our firm is just this – a Registered Investment Adviser.

This is important because not all advisors are required to put you first. Only financial advisors who must meet the fiduciary standard are required to act in the best interests of their clients. Advisers who are only required to follow a suitability standard can recommend products that put more money into their pockets, as long as they're considered suitable for that client.

It’s best to ensure your adviser is a fiduciary.

How much money do I have to have to invest?

Investment accounts can be opened with no minimum investment requirements. However, investments are only one piece of financial planning, and the best practice is to have a cash emergency fund of three to six months’ of income or expense needs before investing. The right time to start planning for you future is NOW. There's no need to wait until "someday", when you have the right amount of money, to think about investing. Invest in your future today, by getting systems in place that will pay great rewards to your future self. Even with minimal resources, a more fortunate future is not unobtainable. Everyone is capable of patience, dedication, and faith in the future, and these are required for financial success. With a good plan and the proper systems in place, anyone can more quickly and easily reach their financial goals and dreams - even starting from scratch.

Will my investments be insured?

Certain products that we offer are guaranteed, such as insurance products like life insurance or annuities.

However, most investments offer no guarantees, and are not insured like a bank deposit with FDIC insurance might be.

All custodians where our clients’ assets are held are members of SIPC. Securities in your account protected up to $500,000. For details, please see

Will you help with my taxes?

JRC llc is not an accounting firm, and we don’t prepare tax returns. However, we would be glad to refer you to local tax professionals.

However, we are knowledgeable with many areas of how taxes can impact your investments and financial future. Focusing on taxation issues is a key part of financial planning, and our planning process takes your individual tax situation into consideration.

We look at investments to make sure you have your money in the appropriate type of accounts (401k’s vs. Roth vs. Traditional IRAs vs. taxable accounts), and timing distributions from various accounts to take advantage of potential tax breaks and minimize tax penalties.

We may ask you to bring a copy of your most recent tax return, as it's a good source of information which to help with the planning process. Occasionally we come across issues you or your accountant might not have been aware of.

For some complex tax issues, such as self-employment, real estate investments, income in more than one state, businesses or partnerships, we do recommend you consult a CPA or other tax professional. If you already work with a tax professional, it is helpful for us to work together.

Do you help with trusts?

As a fiduciary adviser, we can help manage assets that are held in trust, and set up accounts classified as a trust.

However, we do not give legal advice, meaning we do not draw up wills, trusts, powers-of-attorney, or other legal documents. As these issues are key pieces to financial planning, we highly recommend clients consult with an attorney to get these in place as needed.

Do you help people get out of debt?

Comprehensive financial planning is a great way to manage debt and build savings. We can help plan your budget and set up a debt repayment plan to speed up how fast your debts are paid. We can also usually help find extra money in your budget to put towards debts. The next goal would be to stay out of debt and build savings, and our ongoing planning process helps with this as well.

Can we just talk for a brief while to answer some of my questions?

Initial consultations are always completely free of charge, with no obligation for you to work with us.

We address your areas of concern, how our services might work for you, and find out if we are the right fit to work with each other.

These consultations can be done over the phone, or in person by appointment, and generally last under a half hour.

No personalized advice is given during an initial consultation, since it takes more than a half-hour to really grasp an individual’s financial situation, goals, and make well-thought-out recommendations for a course of action.

Additionally, financial planning is an ongoing process, and we firmly believe that your long term goals should be the focus of any financial decisions. These goals, and the progress toward them, must be reviewed on a consistent basis.

If you’re looking for a simple hour-or-two consultation without any further input, this can be arranged. An initial conversation is necessary to determine the scope of the proposed consultation. This will help give an estimate of how much time you might be billed for in considering the amount of research, preparation, and actual meetings to discuss recommendations. However, no advice will be given without a client agreement in place.

Do you work with clients outside of Green River / Rock Springs?

We are happy to help and work with all clients within the US! However, we currently have limitations with Texas and Louisiana - registration is required prior to working there.

We are currently registered to work in WY, UT, and CO, but can work with up to five clients in the remaining states before registration is required.

We do travel regionally to meet with clients, as necessary. With modern technology, meeting in person isn't always required for a working relationship. Video calling, phone calls, emails, and the USPS can serve all the needs of meeting and document handling.



As a Registered Investment Adviser, (RIA) we adhere to the highest standards of professional integrity, based on unwavering commitments to fulfilling the fiduciary duty of always acting in your best interest.  There are few responsibilities as significant as our clients’ financial well-being and we are honored that our clients have entrusted us to help fulfill their goals.


Our approach is process-oriented, not sales-oriented.  We take the time to get to know every client before making any recommendations. We believe long-term goals must be at the center of all investment decisions, along with finding the right balance between the potential for growth and the amount of acceptable risk.  This is achieved through a proven, systematic approach to growth that constantly challenges conventional investment wisdom and delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns for clients.


A Registered Investment Adviser operates independently of a bank, insurance, or other financial services company, which means that the adviser has no requirements or incentives to sell proprietary products. We are not tied to particular products, so we are committed to offering unbiased and objective recommendations and strategies aligned with your specific goals.

Independence also allows us to provide you with dedicated personal attention and unparalleled service from a firm who truly cares about you and your investments.

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About James

I grew up in Northern Utah, and relocated to Southwest WY in 2005.  I found the severity of the climate and landscape to be tempered by the people’s warmth and general attitude of perseverance.  With a love for the outdoors and the natural beauty of Green River, I found it easy to call Southwest WY my home.  I quite enjoy Wyoming's scenic beauty while hiking or mountain biking.

I enjoy spending free time with family and friends, taking time to explore our world together.  I’ve been blessed with two children, who continually give purpose and meaning to my life and help me live each day to be a better person.

I value anything that strengthens one's integrity and virtues, and I believe in giving back to the community through volunteer efforts such as the Rock Springs Kiwanis club, as a member and volunteer. I also currently serve as a volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Green River Urban Renewal / Main Street Agency and Wild Sage Market Cooperative, Inc.

I was raised in a large middle-class family with 11 siblings.  My parents taught me at an early age the value of integrity, accountability, and the importance of making every dollar count. These teachings are the foundation for my business and operating principles.

These principles, which drive the success at my firm, include:

§  Integrity: I believe integrity must always govern all of my actions

§  Client Interest: I believe in putting my clients interests in front of my own

§  Accountability: I believe in being accountable to an exceptional standard of excellence and performance

§  Innovation: I believe a contrarian approach to investing uncovers opportunities for my clients

§  Good Steward of Clients' Money: I believe in continuing to earn the trust of my clients by being a good financial steward

§  Servant Leadership: I look to serve others as my priority, over focusing on personal gains

I'm highly grateful to my clients who understand the values that set my firm apart.  They have helped build a firm where these driving principals can continue to help them meet their goals, and help continue to do this for other people looking for the same.

There's never a better time than now to get the certainty that your long term financial decisions are being given proper consideration, so please feel free to reach out. We offer initial consultations completely free of any charge or obligation, to help you find the most effective ways to reach your goals.